Success Story

In our latest case study, an IT operations analyst at a trusted IT services and outsourcing company — the largest in the UK — reveals how DeviceExpert has improved the performance and overall security of a diverse array of managed devices and has simplified the jobs of the company’s network admins.

Imagine the IT division of your company relies on disparate devices, including telecommunication devices, network devices, and virtual and physical systems spread across multiple, geographic locations. And your network administration team is responsible for managing the devices and ensuring their availability, performance, and utilization.

That’s exactly what has happened at one UK company as it has grown to more than 100,000 employees over the past 40 years, delivering mission-critical services to government and private clients in over 30 countries. Yet despite the company’s success, its approach to network configuration management was an invitation to failure.

While business operations kept demanding frequent changes to network devices, the network administration team had to remain extremely cautious when rolling out changes. Even trivial manual errors could cause a network outage or a serious security threat. Administrators had to spend a significant part of their time manually managing the equipment and planning for routine changes.

With devices spread across multiple sites, keeping all of them in top shape was a big challenge. Especially when changes were to be rolled out to multiple devices, a great deal of coordination was required among administrators in each site. The network administration team increasingly felt the need for centralized control over the devices.

With cyber-threats looming large, the company was in need of an automated mechanism to prevent unauthorized changes to network devices. Since the company deals with a large number of customers in various business domains, ensuring that the network devices remain compliant to various IT regulations, especially PCI-DSS was crucial.

Download the case study to learn how adopting ManageEngine DeviceExpert has given this UK company the centralized control needed to simplify the management of growing numbers of devices, including switches, routers, and firewalls from multiple vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, and others.

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