Traditionally, IT operations and IT Security have remained at loggerheads. IT operations team is tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the the day-to-day activities, maintaining the software and hardware inventories, ensuring reliability, optimizing performance, capacity and utilization of the network and a host of other activities. They always need to respond to business requirements at the quickest time possible, keeping in mind business continuity.

IT Security, on the other hand, is tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding the business from evolving, sophisticated cyber-threats and ensuring compliance to regulations. To reduce risks, IT security enforces processes and places controls, which IT operations often find a hindrance.

To achieve the business objectives, synergy between the two is highly essential. The synergy will be easy to achieve, if IT Security complements IT Operations and vice-versa. Keeping this synergy in mind, ManageEngine’s IT Security Solutions have been specifically designed to complement IT operations, network management and desktop management. With a market-leading suite of products in the network monitoring, IT operations and infrastructure management arena, ManageEngine perfectly complements network management and IT operations through its IT security solutions, which cover the entire gamut of network security.

ManageEngine’s IT security solutions are in fact ‘Security Management Solutions for IT Operations’ as they appeal to IT operations and network teams as much as to security teams. Synergy between operations and security mandates that security activities like tracking changes, preventing unauthorized changes, enforcing access controls & security policies, monitoring traffic & events, analyzing logs, detecting vulnerabilities, managing patches and other activities be done without hindering IT operations. ManageEngine perfectly helps achieve this.

ManageEngine IT security solutions help IT Operations in:

With ManageEngine IT Security Solutions, you can bridge the gap between IT operations and security, enhance productivity, ensure business continuity and stay secure!

ManageEngine IT Security Solutions