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Coming Soon Room booking and AutoCAD Integration

Its like large pizzas offered at discount interestingly with more toppings…my previous blog spoke about the change in price for FacilitiesDesk…Now its time to talk about the toppings.

Since our release there have been few repeated ?concerns..Are we were

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Application Log Support

Introductions first, my name is Karthik, I am part of Eventlog Analyzer development team. I call myself as ‘The Experimenter’(ok, that is not so cool as the Terminator and its likes, but that’s me), I meddle with the application all

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Firewall Analyzer gains visibilty in SecureAsia 08

At the recently held SecureAsia 08 Trade Show in KualaLumpur, ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer gained a lot of visiblity.

Firewall Analyzer customer at SecureAsia 08

An esteemed, happy customer, Kevin of Western Digital Inc., in the DataBridge booth (Firewall Analyzer reseller partner) posing with K Kumar of DataBridge and

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CAFM @ the price of CMMS

Yes! We offer you FacilitiesDesk at the price of CMMS

Let me make it easier for you to believe by giving the numbers.

FacilitiesDesk starts at $995!!
Also FacilitiesDesk’s annual subscription fee for 5 supervisors license: $4995 is now

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Our technical team recently spent a good weekend break in “The Adventurous” Top Slip and Parambikulam. They were at Top Slip for few hours and in Parambikulam for the rest of the camp. Hills, tea gardens, huge reservoirs, lakes, Dense …

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FacilitiesDesk in Baltimore, U.S.A – NFMT 2008

National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT 2008) happened in Baltimore, United States from March 4-6. focussed on facility management which included both an exhibition and an international conference program supported by all leading associations.

We were all excited about our …

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FacilitiesDesk in the Press…

Now after FacilitiesDesk marked its presence in the Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS) market through NFMT tradeshow @ Baltimore(U.S) from and after clutching one of the largest multiplex chain as our customer we made a press release (PR) …

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compliance! Compliance! COMPLIANCE!

In the era of increased data security threat from both outside and inside of your enterprise, you need to be proactive in your approach.  On the government’s side, it wants to ensure the enterprise IT operations are regulated for the

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Making of FacilitiesDesk

Development of FacilitiesDesk for the facility management domain was an inspiration seeing simple yet sophisticated and affordable Softwares being used for IT and system administration.

There were three key hurdles spotted and the product was built around those:

  • Prolonged desk

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