FacilitiesDesk Hotfix 6501 Released!

Hi Folks,

Here is the latest release of Hotfix from ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk.

Existing users (from Build number: 6500) can apply the Hotfix 6501 from the following link:


Follow the below instructions to apply the Hotfix:

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Preventive Maintenance and FacilitiesDesk

Preventive maintenance is a systematic way of checking and repairing a asset, equipment, machine or vehicle. Asset life can be significantly extended by simply tightening screws, cleaning, lubricating and replacing parts that show wear. Most of the equipment manufacturers design

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Maintenance Planner Checklist

Simple checklist for maintenance planners

  • Check for duplicate work orders
  • Check whether it affect any other work orders
  • Check equipment or asset number
  • Check parts availability
  • Work location should be clearly mentioned in work order
  • Description of work needed to

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Plant Maintenance and CMMS Software

Plant maintenance refers to strategies, methods, checklists and practices used to keep industrial plants running effectively and efficiently. Starting from regular checks of equipment or assets to make sure they are functioning properly, to cleaning floors, rooms, walls, restrooms

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Role of CMMS Software

In general the role of Computer Maintenance Management Software (CMMS ) encompasses the entire maintenance spectrum helping maintenance and facility managers across the organisation to take effective control of facilities, assets, equipments and maintenance operations and lower the total cost

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NetFlow log support available in Firewall Analyzer for Cisco ASA v.8.2 devices.

Season Greetings from ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer team!!

We are happy to announce the private availability of Cisco ASA v.8.2 NetFlow logs support in Firewall Analyzer. If you are interested to evaluate, get in touch with us. Please furnish your contact …

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Model your Space in your Facilities Management System for easy asset management and tracking of space optimization with FacilitiesDesk 6

Dear All,

Its indeed a pleasure to let you know that, we have unveiled FacilitiesDesk 6 (Download Now!)

Let me walk you through the interesting benefits of the release…


Space Modeling:

FacilitiesDesk now offers the flexibility to

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Firewall Analyzer catches Spam Relays

“Be Proactive than Reactive” is a slogan for any NOC (Network Operations Control) or network specialist. The basic requirement is to ensure that there is no compromise activity on your network, and ensure the policies on …

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Firewall Analyzer's fall winter bundle on way!!

Jingle bells are ringing on SIEM clouds!!

We have taken up support for Netflow logs on Firewall Analyzer, with more features on this bundle, probably a Christmas or a New year gift from Manage Engine shop.

For instance, a device’s …

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