Until recent years, enterprise IT infrastructure comprised of a few basic network devices. IT managers used simple tools to collect generated logs and analyzed them manually to generate log reports. IT heads and administrators viewed log management more as a means to monitor devices than as an aid for securing the network.

With ever-increasing security threats over the recent years, log management has evolved as an integral part of organization’s security. However, the simple log management tools and procedures are not sufficient anymore for the following reasons.


• Today’s new breed of advanced technologies like VPN, Network Virtualization make the network complex, by adding new and modern devices. Adding more devices means more logs; such voluminous log data cannot be analyzed using simple tools. 

• Adding new devices, technologies, and  opening the network to the outer world make the network prone to attack and data theft. Therefore, organizations need to secure the network from external attacks and prevent unauthorized usage of enterprise’s information asset by power users.


• In addition, organizations are required to meet guidelines promulgated by regulatory authorities.

IT administrators find it a tedious task to manage the network logs and at the same time comply with IT regulations. They look for easy, effective, and inexpensive tool that can handle all log management issues.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is a trusted tool used by thousands of IT managers across the globe. It is web-based tool designed to serve as an end-to-end solution for log management. EventLog Analyzer possesses the key features and characteristics that IT managers demand for log management. EventLog Analyzer helps organizations build a log management infrastructure to collect, analyze and store logs. It aggregates logs across all windows platforms and syslog devices giving IT managers the intelligence about security and compliance. 

EventLog Analyzer provides an environment for continuous log collection and real-time analysis of the collected logs. The analyzed log data is displayed through simple charts and readable reports. IT managers and business leaders can benefit from reports by gaining an in-depth insight of their network and will be able to pro-actively monitor the network for any possible threats. Further, features like object access monitoring,privileged user monitoring etc. help IT managers combat threats and internal attacks. 

EventLog Analyzer’s easily configurable compliance wizards enable IT managers meet audit guidelines. It helps organizations comply with regulations such as PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, and GLBA . Additionally, EventLog Analyzers’s alerting feature triggers SMS or mail alert during critical log management issues such as suspicious user activities, internal network attacks or any other administrator defined critical events.

A streamlined centralized log management system with the ability to meet compliance standard is a necessity ?for today’s modern enterprise. And, a robust tool like EventLog Analyzer covers it all.