We are excited to announce that we are introducing single-touch workflow automation for ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, helping enterprises accelerate their service desk productivity by eliminating human intervention across a range of processes.

Experience mandates, tightening budgets, and talent shortages

Service teams across organizations confront several challenges today. Chief amongst them are two: meeting experience mandates and deriving the most value out of their technology investments. Both of these challenges have risen to the fore when enterprises are facing economic headwinds that have shifted the spotlight to lean processes and operational efficiencies. In this backdrop, CIOs and other service leaders look to focus on strategic projects and initiatives that deliver rapid value amidst tightening budgets. To achieve that, they will need to have their scarce, specialized talent freed from manual, productivity-draining processes and workflows.

One approach that hits the bull’s-eye on all of these constraints, namely, delivering on experience mandates, achieving rapid time to value, and freeing up specialized talent from repetitive chores, is single-touch workflow automation.

What are single-touch workflows?

Single-touch workflows in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud are event-driven, visual workflows that run autonomously without human intervention once they are triggered. Let’s take a service request for setting up printer configurations on a macOS device. Today, end users receive step-by-step knowledge articles to set up printers, or technicians manually run scripts on the endpoint to set up the configurations. With single-touch workflow automation, once this request is received from the end user, a workflow is automatically triggered to identify the endpoint, connect to it, and run a script to set up the printer. The creation of the service request by the end user is the single touchpoint in this case.

Single-touch workflows for employee onboarding typically execute a variety of tasks like adding user to the AD, provisioning email accounts, and other actions.

Single-touch workflow automation for onboarding employees.

Single-touch workflow automation can be applied across a range of ITSM processes and use cases that demand disproportionate time and effort. Some of them are:

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding

  • Auto-remediation of incidents

  • Performing standard and emergency changes

  • Fulfilling software requests

And much more.

How do I build single-touch workflows in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud?

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud now integrates with Zoho Circuit, a no-code/low-code workflow automation platform from Zoho. With Zoho Circuit, you and your teams will be able to build single-touch workflows (called circuits) on a simple drag-and-drop canvas that offers prebuilt states. States in Zoho Circuit are the building blocks of single-touch workflows. They help control the flow of data across different parts of the circuit, execute actions on local services such as the Active Directory and private databases, run Shell scripts on designated endpoints, and connect to third-party apps and services through APIs.

IT and business teams can build their single-touch workflows on a drag-and-drop canvas, with pre-build states to execute AD tasks, PowerShell and SSH scripts, API interactions, and more.

The drag-and-drop workflow builder in Zoho Circuit

A circuit can execute a set of tasks sequentially, in parallel, or as a batch, providing the flexibility to build single-touch workflows for everything from simple software provisioning to complex changes for upgrading server operating systems. Organizations can also define their own custom programming scripts and run them as serverless functions on ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. Zoho Circuit supports writing scripts with Java, Python, Zoho Deluge, and Node.js.

Organizations could build their custom business logic by building serverless functions in Java, Python, Node.js, and Zoho Deluge

Serverless functions (Java, Python, Node.js, and Zoho Deluge) in Zoho Circuit

How can I access Zoho Circuit in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud?

The Zoho Circuit integration is now available in the enterprise edition of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and for the instances hosted from the EU, USA, and India data centers. If you are accessing ServiceDesk Plus Cloud from a different data center, we will keep you posted on the availability of the integration. If you are new to ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, here’s a free, 30-day trial for you and your team to test single-touch workflows.

Need to implement single-touch workflow automation for a process?  

Feel free to drop an email to hello@servicedeskplus.com with a detailed breakdown of your process and we will schedule a personalized demo of single-touch workflow automation in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud for you.

Marketing Analyst | ServiceDesk Plus