Well, October has started off sweet for ManageEngine with another big endorsement. AssetExplorer, our exclusive IT asset management software, was just rated “Excellent” by PCMag editor Lanette Creamer. Creamer designated AssetExplorer as PCMag’s Editors’ Choice, recognizing its value and ease of use. Keep reading to see how AssetExplorer stacks up against the competition and what sets it apart.

What makes AssetExplorer stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’ve used AssetExplorer once or a bunch of times, you’ve probably noticed how easy it is to set up and use. And while this software is easy on the pocket, it’s worth noting that its capabilities and features are high-end. In her review, Creamer points out that the familiar Windows-style interface, and wide range of features are what makes AssetExplorer stand out. “Richly featured, mature, complex, and used by large corporations,” were just a few of the words she used to describe this versatile asset management tool. AssetExplorer is a winning bet for large enterprises because it effortlessly extends its capabilities to multiple sites and locations.

Feature-rich—rightly put.

As Creamer rightly points out, AssetExplorer comes with all the basic and advanced features an enterprise needs, including asset tracking, remote control, relationship maps, and reporting. It is notable that Asset explorer offers support for virtual hosts and virtual machines, which is rare according to Creamer’s study. The software is also available in 29 languages. The base package that starts at $795 per year for 250 IT assets is very affordable for any organization.

The bottom line is, AssetExplorer has been named Editors’ Choice for asset management software for all the right reasons, including its usability, features, unique capabilities, reporting, and affordability. To read PCMag’s full review, head over here.

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