Free Tools that Keep Your Websites Reliable


Yes, I admit it, I went to Google to learn about network and site reliability. And, guess what time I did that? At 2 in the morning. And, not just that, I find myself going to every single time

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Enable SNMP Service on Your Remote Windows Machines for Free!

In any organization, IT admins ensure seamless work flow by continuously monitoring servers and applications. And, SNMP helps IT admins by fetching information about the servers and applications. However, this is possible only on servers and applications where the SNMP

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Worrying Doesn’t Keep IT Problems Away. Good Tools Do!

Free tools to quickly troubleshoot your way and stay on top of IT

Love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. Surprises, pleasant or otherwise, are a way of life for a sysadmin. The degree of surprise

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8 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs Free Tools

Most startups and small businesses perennially deal with tight budgets and heavy competition. This reflects in their relatively small IT teams being overburdened with several tasks on any given day. In such times, free tools can save your day. Yes,

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Got WiFi? Free App Helps You Meet Basic User Need

Did you hear the one about the teacher who asks a group of students to name something they need but can’t see or feel? The hip-hop loving, smart-gadgets sporting, what’s-apping generation answer in unison, “WiFi.” Increasingly, WiFi is becoming indispensable …

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How to create user accounts efficiently in Active Directory

For years, it has perplexed me how inefficient it is to use Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) to create users. Forcing me to first create a user based on the mandatory schema attributes so I can then configure the …

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Four Reasons Why You Must Use ManageEngine’s Free Windows Health Monitor


Have you ever wished that you had prevented an outage before it happened? Wished you could preempt such issues and had holistic monitoring software that would make things easier for you? Well, your wishes are about to come true – …

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Four Reasons You Must Use ManageEngine’s Free Ping Tool

Free+Ping+Tool+PingA ping tool such as the ManageEngine Free Ping Tool helps you monitor network connections, devices, and websites. Our tool uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to reach computers and network devices and, in turn, verify whether IP addresses …

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ManageEngine FreeTools Survey – Admins who raced IT to the Podium!

Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation. We are overwhelmed by your response.Your inputs have given us some valuable insights and we will make IT better for you. Valid responses were shortlisted and 5 entries were raffle picked.  Here are …

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