For years, it has perplexed me how inefficient it is to use Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) to create users. Forcing me to first create a user based on the mandatory schema attributes so I can then configure the optional schema attributes is not efficient. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me remind you.

When using ADUC to create a user, you are asked for this basic information regarding the user:

  • First name, last name, and initials
  • Full name
  • User logon name
  • Pre-Windows 2000 user logon name
  • Password (and confirmation)
  • Options to control some password features




Provide the necessary information, and the user is created. However, what about all of the other properties of the user account that you know must be configured? These are only available after you first create the user by configuring the mandatory schema attributes from the list above.

This process is very inefficient, although we have all gotten used to it by now. Well, instead of getting used to something that is inefficient, why not use a solution that is very efficient? Download and take a look at ADManager Plus by ManageEngine. Our solution allows you to configure all of the key properties of a user account during creation, instead forcing you to perform multiple steps in the creation process.

Create AD users in a single click, efficiently and easily, using ADManager Plus’ CSV import, customizable templates, and rule-based user creation capabilities.

When using ADManager Plus to create users, you can configure all of the user profile information in one step, including the following:

  • First name, last name, and initials
  • Logon name
  • Display name
  • Employee ID
  • Office information
  • Logon script
  • User profile path
  • Delegations
  • Group memberships
  • Account expirations
  • Telephone numbers, address, and organization info
  • Exchange Server details
  • Terminal server details
  • Custom attributes












Now that is an efficient way to create a user!

Don’t forget that when using ADUC, you must also choose up front where you want to locate the user account. You can move the user account after creation, but there is no option to place the user account during creation.

On the other hand, when you create a user account with ADManager Plus, you can locate the user wherever you want during the creation process. You might have missed it in the screenshots of the creation process, so I will highlight the Container field name here for you:


No longer must you take so many steps and move the user accounts around after you create them. Now you can just create users with our simple creation tool, ADManager Plus!

To see the entire process of creating a user using ADManager Plus, please visit watch this helpful video: