What do the phrases qwerty, password, and 123456 have in common?

Theyre all weak passwords! Not only are these passwords predictable, they also top the list of the 25 most widely used passwords of 2016

So despite security experts’ constant efforts to alert users about cyber security and

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PowerShell Local User Management vs. Free GUI Local User Management

Microsoft has updated its PowerShell local user management commands. You can find them at https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/PowerShell-Module-to-255637a3. As you can see, you have the ability to control local users in many ways using the

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How to create user accounts efficiently in Active Directory

For years, it has perplexed me how inefficient it is to use Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) to create users. Forcing me to first create a user based on the mandatory schema attributes so I can then configure the …

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Free Active Directory Tool – Empty Password Reporter

A Password acts as the battlefront to a user accounts security.  The role of choosing a secure password is not only limited to the end-user but also the administrator who devices the policy for restricting or creation of such a …

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