Have you ever wished that you had prevented an outage before it happened? Wished you could preempt such issues and had holistic monitoring software that would make things easier for you? Well, your wishes are about to come true – for free.

The Free Windows Health Monitor is here to monitor your system’s performance and availability. Now, let’s see why it is such a cool tool to use.

 Monitoring Windows

You can monitor a Windows network environment, including servers, systems, and applications. You can also monitor, in real time, the performance of CPU, memory, disk space, availability, and device response times. Using the related data, the Free Windows Health Monitor can generate graphs of system performance for up to 20 systems or servers. The monitor’s dashboard displays the top three systems or servers that are utilizing the most CPU, memory, and disk resources.

Setting Critical and Warning Threshold Limit

You can set your own threshold level values for CPU, disk, and memory storage at two levels, warning and critical. These values can be updated at any time, according to your requirements. You can also set the refresh interval between 5 and 60 minutes. Color-coded alerts – yellow for warnings and red for critical issues – will be displayed on the dashboard immediately after the threshold limit is exceeded.

Tracking Response Time

Using the monitor’s intuitive graphs, you can monitor the response times of the servers and systems. The server view of the dashboard displays each device’s response time. When you select a server, the dashboard displays all the open ports.

Scanning Ports

The Free ​Windows Health Monitor scans all the ports specified by the user. The Custom Selection option lets you select individual ports for scanning. The Range Selection option lets you select a continuous range of ports for scanning. You can also add or delete ports in Custom Selection according to your requirements.

So make your wishes come true. Download the ​Free Windows Health Monitor Tool here and start monitoring your devices today.



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