8 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs Free Tools

Free Tools | September 10, 2014 | 2 min read

Most startups and small businesses perennially deal with tight budgets and heavy competition. This reflects in their relatively small IT teams being overburdened with several tasks on any given day. In such times, free tools can save your day. Yes, with free tools, savvy startups can smarten up and look to enhance their productivity and performance.

ManageEngine provides a delectable range of tools for startups that want to manage their IT without spending a dime. And it’s not without reason that over a million people use our free tools. Below are the top eight reasons our free tools are such a big hit among small businesses.

They’re really free!

When we say “free”, we mean it. There are no hidden costs, such as installation charges or setup costs. We give you IT management software that is non-restrictive, fully functional, and well supported, without any costly consultations.

Wide range

After thorough and dedicated research, we develop new tools that become a necessity down the line. Browse through the range of tools that let you manage your Active Directory, physical and virtual servers, and more. We also have Android and iPhone apps that give you the freedom to get things done on the go.

DIY model

Our free tools are always one click away from becoming yours. No sign-ups or membership required. The installation is a breeze. And you don’t need a battalion of consultants to get your software up and running. In short, the DIY model puts your IT team in charge.

Easy to use

The tools are fairly simple, and users don’t need any specialized training. The tools help you perform critical IT tasks, yet the operations are seldom complex. The tools have user-friendly GUIs that guide you to perform every
day IT tasks efficiently.

Continuous updates

We don’t stop with the launch of a tool. We keep updating them according to current demands. Each tool has a dedicated R&D team that constantly improves the software and turns customer requests into product realities.

Easy access to product support

You can easily access the tool support via email, regularly updated websites with all the latest information about the tool, product videos that give a detailed walk through of the features, and an FAQ section that provides quick resolutions to common problems faced by users.

Zero Ads

Yes, you read that right! Zero ads. Unlike many other free tools, we don’t use tool space to display marketing billboards. We understand the intrusion ads cause, and that is exactly why we have a zero-ads policy on our free tools.


We believe life is less about tools or products and more about the people who use them. So join Pitstop, the ManageEngine IT community to get to know your peers in the industry, share your thoughts about a trend, start a poll to take the pulse of the industry, or initiate a discussion to learn more the latest technologies. Or you can make your IT wish, so our team can get cracking and expand the ManageEngine free tool catalog. Oh, and don’t forget to participate in activities that are guaranteed to amuse and give you a chance to win some amazing prizes.

Those may be the top eight reasons small businesses choose ManageEngine’s free tools over others. But they may not be yours, right? If you have other reasons for managing your IT with our free tools, we’d like to hear them. Feel free to write to us, we’d be delighted to add your reasons to this list.

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