Brick and mortar meets mobile: Combining the best of both worlds

Retail being one of the first industries on the mobile-only/mobile-first bandwagon seems to have paid off, as nearly three-fourths of consumers now prefer self-service. One of the major advantages of self-service is its one-time setup; it requires minimal human …

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Apple’s latest OS updates help strengthen device and data security

Apple recently released OS updates for iPhones, Macs, and Apple TVs. With these releases, Apple’s main focus has been on improving data security and providing device management solutions greater control over managed devices. Let’s take a closer look at the …

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What is mobile device management and why will it enhance enterprise IT security? 

mobile device management

Technological advancements aren’t hard to find. Just look at how huge CRT monitor computers have turned into slim, weightless laptops—or how brick-sized cellular phones have become small, powerful smartphones. Those very same smartphones and other mobile devices are having a …

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Tinder hack targeting RAF’s F-35 program emphasizes the need for mobile device management

Tinder app hack

While security professionals are busy protecting enterprises against DDoS attacks, ransomware, and application vulnerabilities, another type of cyberthreat has proven arduous to overcome: social engineering attacks. One of the latest cases of social engineering sounds like something straight out of …

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Prevent Man-in-the-Disk attacks using the right mobile security procedures


Organizations that offer employees the freedom of mobility gain some advantages, which can include better productivity or saving workplace costs by allowing employees to work from home, but doing so comes with a few security risks. Keeping enterprise security in …

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 “Ok Google, what does Android Pie have in store for enterprises?”

From Android Enterprise to zero-touch enrollment, Google has recently been taking giant strides towards the enterprise management space. Earlier this year, many of us were wondering which dessert Google would name their newest Android release after. That name turned …

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Protect your data from the Bluetooth bug that has affected billions of devices

With organizations still recovering from the damages caused by recent desktop malware attacks, like SamSam and PowerGhost, a newly discovered bluetooth vulnerability, CVE 2018-5383, is now threatening the data on billions of personal and corporate mobile devices and laptops by …

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Got a new Android device? You might be up against the RAMpage attack  

RAMpage is a recent vulnerability that bypasses all the security measures put in place to secure Android devices against the Rowhammer attack. It can gain root privilege to an Android device and steal any data available on it.

To …

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How to boost the security and productivity of your Windows enterprise

In a world where organizations have to regularly ward off malware and ransomware attacks, device and data security have become paramount. While hackers are still primarily focused on attacking desktops and laptops, organizations need to think ahead and ensure that …

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