It goes without saying that downtime is bad for organizations—not only does it put business-critical data at risk and hamper employee productivity, but it also ends up costing organizations both resources and prospective revenue.

According to a CA Technologies survey of North American and European enterprises, around $26.5 billion was lost annually due to IT outages. So how do you prevent downtime from racking up a bill in your network?

Mobile Device Manager Plus now provides the option to add a failover server that helps prevent downtime—be it planned or unplanned. A failover server is a secondary server that’s an exact replica of the primary server. The failover server regularly syncs the information from the primary server to stay updated on any changes that occur. If the primary server goes down, the failover server automatically takes over until the primary server is back online.

Business continuity in organizations is a major requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); Article 32 places an emphasis on the organization’s ability to quickly restore data availability and access in the case of an incident. By configuring a failover server, organizations can ensure an almost immediate restoration of services if the primary server goes down. Therefore, configuring a failover server brings organizations one step closer to GDPR compliance.

Configure a failover server with Mobile Device Manager Plus, free for 30 days!

Harshita Sharma
Content Writer