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Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for October 2018

It’s the second Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for another round of Patch Tuesday updates from Microsoft. This month’s Patch Tuesday was highly anticipated for two reasons: 1) it was expected to provide a critical fix for …

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Top five enhancements of the Windows 10 October 2018 update

If you’re a tech enthusiast or just a Microsoft fan, you’re probably aware that Microsoft releases two major software updates a year for Windows. Windows 10 version 1809 was just released and is the second update of 2018. This comes …

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Tired of switching between multiple solutions to manage different device types?

Every enterprise dreams of managing and securing all of its endpoints, but that can get complicated with multiple device types, each running different operating systems. Having to purchase separate licenses for managing PCs and mobile devices can be confusing, expensive, …

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Upgrading to macOS Mojave? Here’s what to expect

Apple has finally released macOS 10.14, named Mojave after one of California’s three deserts. But why a desert? you may wonder. Some think the new name signifies the beauty of a desert at night as a subtle reference to Dark …

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Patch Tuesday updates for September 2018

Patch Tuesday updates for Sep 2018

The September edition of Patch Tuesday includes fixes from Microsoft for 61 security issues. Of these issues, three include zero-day vulnerabilities and 17 are marked as critical.

 Patch Tuesday updates for Microsoft products

 This month’s Patch Tuesday covers updates for …

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Patch Tuesday updates for August 2018

Last month’s edition of Patch Tuesday left many of us stranded since the patches it contained caused more trouble than the vulnerabilities they were intended to fix.  Situations like this often leave sysadmins with only two options: install the updates …

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Linux security and patching: Are you as safe as you think you are?

Linux security and patching


A common question posed by enterprises when it comes to defending against cyberthreats is “Which operating system is most secure?” There are only a few major operating systems (OSs) available, so enterprises aren’t left with many choices. Out of …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday July 2018 updates

Patch Tuesday July 2018

The July edition of Patch Tuesday updates includes a list of patches from Microsoft that fixes 53 security vulnerabilities. Out of these, 17 have been marked as critical, three of which were previously disclosed, but luckily there haven’t been any …

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The World Cup has VAR—what game-changing technology does your enterprise have?

Technology is evolving in every direction, and the FIFA World Cup is no exception. FIFA has included video assistant referees (VAR) to the 2018 World Cup in Russia to help make better decisions for penalties, yellow cards, red cards, offsides,

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Python-based adware threatens browser security

Security researchers at Kaspersky have identified a new variant of Python-based adware, PBot, that is wreaking havoc on browser security. Similar to recent malware threat Zacinlo, PBot is super-powered adware that can add malicious extensions to victims’ browsers after infiltrating …

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