Webinar on end-user experience and endpoint security

Are you caught having to choose between providing a seamless end-user experience and ensuring security in your organization? Trust me, you are not alone! Organizations across the world are facing this challenge today.

 The post-pandemic world has undergone a lot of changes, and the modern workplace has been through a major transformational shift along with it. With hybrid workplaces dominating industries across the globe, organizations are embracing different technologies and digital tools to improve security, productivity, and efficiency in their workspaces.

 In today’s digital era, everything is just a click away, including cyberattacks. Cyberthreats and security breaches have always been a major concern for organizations, but today the risk is at an all-time high. With cyberattacks happening once every 39 seconds, based on a study by the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering, cybersecurity poses a greater threat than ever before.

 Cybercriminals have started embracing highly sophisticated tools to steal data from companies. You need to start looking for stringent security frameworks to ensure the protection of data and endpoints in your organization. However, a strict security framework will unavoidably lead to employee dissatisfaction and take a hit on overall productivity and efficiency, negatively affecting the end-user experience.

The question here is simple: How do you ensure security without hampering your employees’ user experience?

It requires a delicate balance between protecting your company’s data while allowing users to access the resources they need to perform efficiently. To begin, have a clear and easy-to-understand authentication process so that users know when they are being authenticated and why. Then, try and prioritize your security measures.

What else can you do to balance the end-user experience and security? Simple. 

Join our webinar co-hosted by IDC and ManageEngine to find out more!

Phil Hochmuth from IDC and our product expert Romanus Prabhu Raymond will have a fireside chat about an employee-centric approach to managing and securing endpoints.


Webinar highlights

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Strategies to enhance the end-user experience with device management solutions.

  • The major trends in the digital workspace, the digital employee experience (DEX), and security.

  • The Zero Trust strategy for enhanced endpoint security.

  • The convergence of endpoint management and security and the benefits of this trend on the employee experience.

  • Best practices and tips for charting your 2023 workspace management strategy.

  • The future of a digital organization from IDC and ManageEngine’s viewpoints.

Event Details

Date: May 23, 2023

Time: 12pm ET | 9:30pm IST

Tune in to gain valuable insights on maintaining a secure workspace while delivering a seamless user experience.

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