Applications Manager offers Oracle Cloud Compute monitoring that tracks the health, availability, and performance of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) instances. Applications Manager effectively enables DevOps teams to establish a secure and dependable environment for application development and deployment. Without an Oracle Cloud Compute monitor like Applications Manager, administrators would have to manually check each component of an instance to identify performance issues and rectify them.

Metrics monitored with Oracle Cloud Compute monitoring

1. Performance  

Applications Manager has a dedicated panel to showcase the overall performance of the Oracle Cloud Compute instance that is being monitored. The performance dashboard gives a visual representation of important performance metrics, making it easier for IT admins to take a quick glance on the operational efficiency of each KPI. The Oracle Cloud Compute monitor constantly keeps track of your Compute instance’s health and availability over a period of time. You can also configure thresholds to each of these performance parameters so that alarms can be triggered whenever they cross a specified limit.

Performance and availability of oracle cloud compute instance

Metrics monitored: Health, availability, overall performance history, CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk read, disk write, network received, and network transmitted. 

2. Boot Volume 

Applications Manager constantly keeps track of Boot Volumes that are attached to a particular Oracle Cloud instance and alerts users whenever a threshold breach is identified. Monitoring Oracle Cloud Boot Volumes is essential as they could often be the root cause to instance problems and might need to undergo troubleshooting. In addition, our monitor can also help you understand how efficient your Boot Volumes are functioning and if they require performance-boosting (which can be achieved by changing the volume performance level of your instance in Oracle Cloud).

Monitor Boot volume of oracle cloud compute instance - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Metrics monitored: Boot Volume read throughput, Boot Volume write throughput, Boot Volume read operations, and Boot Volume write operations.

3. Block Volume 

Monitoring your Block Volumes using Applications Manager’s OCI Compute monitoring solution plays a crucial role in ensuring the applications that run on the cloud environment have sufficient storage without having to compromise on either cost or performance. Our dashboard displays the status and I/O rates of your Block Volumes giving you an idea of how well they are performing. This information is generally used by IT administrators to create, remove, attach, or even shuffle around the Block Volumes within the OCI based on the requirement of each instance. In addition, the performance level of each Block Volume can be adjusted based on the information gathered through our Oracle Cloud Compute monitoring tool.

Get OCID, storage size, life cycle status, health and hydration level of Compute block volumes with ManageEngine Applications Manager

Metrics monitored: Volume OCID, Block Volume name, health, size in GBs, life cycle status, hydrated status, read throughput (MBs), write throughput (MBs), read operation count, and write operation count.

 4. Network 

Keeping a close watch on your Virtual Network Interface Cards (VNICs) is one way to ensure that your Oracle Cloud instances are able to maintain constant communication across the network server. Applications Manager serves as an excellent tool to help manage the VNICs that are part of your Oracle Cloud system with the aid of performance metrics, health, and availability statistics.

ManageEngine Applications Manager gives the complete network details with VNIC and performance statistics

Metrics monitored: VNIC OCID, VNIC name, health, public & private IP addresses, primary VNIC status, life cycle state, MAC address, egress packets drop count, ingress packets drop count, count of packets sent & received from network, and input & output traffic.

5. Configuration 

Apart from monitoring the performance of your Oracle Cloud Compute system, Applications Manager also displays the configuration parameters of the instances that are being monitored within the same console. Data administrators might find the panel useful as it allows them to understand the current state of the Oracle Cloud instance and make necessary configuration changes when required. They can also correlate the configuration settings with the performance data offered by Applications Manager to find different ways for optimizing the Oracle Cloud instance.

Applications Manager showing the configuration details of an Oracle Cloud Compute Instance

Start monitoring Oracle Cloud Compute instances now!

Applications Manager serves as a one-stop platform for all your Oracle Cloud Compute monitoring needs so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of maintaining and managing multiple resources at a time. Its setup is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Download a 30-day free trial now!