Reading case studies can be a tedious task for someone who needs to single-handedly manage the entire IT infrastructure of their firm. But hey, why not spend a minute or two if it can provide you some golden tips on how to save time while monitoring your complex IT infrastructures? Here are the stories of two firms that achieved improved performance after switching to Applications Manager. Dig in to learn how they made the best use of our product and achieved a better version of themselves.

The aviation phoenix: GACA

GACA, a Saudi Arabian aviation firm, shared its experience with Applications Manager and how pleased it is with how the product changed the company’s performance.

Managing all its processes and ensuring it provides the best end-user experience possible over 28 airports, four of which are international, is a hectic task for GACA. Since it aims to serve passengers from more than 250 destinations worldwide, GACA wanted to make sure that there were no blindspots left even in the darkest corner of its IT infrastructure.

Initially, GACA opted for a monitoring tool from a competing firm, expecting a seamless monitoring experience. Everything was going great—until there was a massive security breach. That’s when the company started looking for alternatives and found our product, ManageEngine’s Applications Manager. GACA’s IT administrators were pleased with the features and the interface. Nothing has been the same since then.

“We were using SolarWinds before we switched to ManageEngine Applications Manager. We are happy to say that both security-wise and value-wise, it has been a great decision,” said Meshal Ahmed Alsaiari, IT operations specialist at GACA.

The firm saw a 180-degree shift in visibility and in the efficiency of the alerting system, catalyzing super-improved performance. Learn all about it in GACA’s words here.

Besides GACA, there’s another multinational company that set a new limit for its optimal performance within days of working with Applications Manager.

The IT magnate: Techedge

Based in Italy, Techedge is an IT services and consulting company that operates in 11 countries all over the world. Due to the complex infrastructure and diversity of servers it uses, a lot of challenges were in the way of delivering its best services. Lack of visibility and synchronization made monitoring super complicated.

That’s when Techedge came across Applications Manager. Days after using the product, it witnessed major improvements in performance and efficiency by eliminating blindspots and locating issues before they could cause problems in the first place. Applications Manager provided the company with the perfect balance to manage both traditional and modern applications, benefiting from the diverse nature of elements in Techedge’s infrastructure.

“We saw results within a few days after installation and it was all we needed. Applications Manager provides 24×7 monitoring, helps us understand where exactly to look for problems, and helps resolve them before they create an impact,” said Alejandro Delgado, IT monitoring manager at Techedge.

Looks like there’s no going back. Read the case study to learn more about Techedge’s opinion on the product.

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