We hosted the third session of our free, four-part Applications Manager training series on June 20th and received an overwhelming response. In this webinar, our product experts shared insights on different ways that DevOps teams can optimize application performance. The highlight of this session was the APM Insight module.

A quick recap

In this webinar, attendees learned how to:

  • Obtain a comprehensive view of their business applications’ end-to-end transactions with APM Insight, enabling quick troubleshooting and making it easier to drill down into performance issues. They were also shown how to monitor application performance and measure user satisfaction levels with the help of Apdex scores.

  • Install and configure an APM Insight agent for Java and .NET. With these agents, users can obtain a clear view of every single transaction taking place in their UI and visualize .NET web transactions to get deep insight into key performance metrics, from URLs to SQL queries.

  • Trace individual transactions and pinpoint the root cause of issues thanks to code-level visibility. This included drilling down into erroneous code and troubleshooting code latencies, all to deliver superior user experience.

  • Tune APM Insight to track non-web transactions and capture various background tasks like maintenance, schedulers, and messaging.

  • Track essential Java runtime metrics like garbage collection, thread statistics, thread dumps, heap memory, and non-heap memory using the APM Insight Java agent. This agent helps identify Java memory leaks and fix them quickly. Users can also instantly generate and analyze thread dumps from within Applications Manager to isolate erroneous or vulnerable threads.

  • Identify essential performance metrics like slow database queries and database usage with the help of detailed graphs.

 Weren’t able to attend our webinar? Don’t sweat it! You can watch it here:

                                         [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtU7rTVcpdA]
Don’t forget to attend the final part of our webinar series on June 27th (11:30am EDT, 6:30am GMT). Register now and start delving into the best practices of application and server performance monitoring.

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