A slow and sluggish application is a nightmare for any business. As an IT professional, you probably spend most of your time battling application inefficiency. To stay ahead of the race, you need to up your monitoring game. But don’t worry: Applications Manager is back with another free training series to help you do just that.

Join us for our free four-part webinar series this June. We’ll dive into the details of how Applications Manager can help you quickly isolate and resolve common application performance issues and boost your end-user experience. In an attempt to reach as many IT professionals as possible, we’re conducting training across two time zones.


11:30am EDT : Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico

6:30am GMT : Middle East, Asia, Australia

Duration: 1 hour

The four-day training agenda is as follows:

Day 1: June 6

Topic: Discover and visualize application dependencies

Areas covered:

  • Application discovery

  • Dependency mapping

  • Monitor groups

  • Exploring key metrics

Day 2: June 13

Topic: Improving user experience with Applications Manager

Areas covered:

  • Leverage synthetic transactions to capture user interactions with the application

  • Monitor the complete end-user journey, from login to logoff

  • Collect measurements from worldwide locations

  • Rest APIs, SOAP, and SSL certificates

Day 3: June 20

Topic: Enabling DevOps to optimize application performance

Areas covered:

  • Identify code-level issues

  • Pinpoint the cause of a CPU spike

  • Detect Java memory leaks

  • Debug transaction performance problems

Day 4: June 27

Topic: Exploring all the key admin features

Areas covered:

  • Setting up thresholds and alerts

  • Automative corrective actions

  • Reports and dashboards

  • Key admin actions

 So what are you waiting for? Register now and feel free to spread the word.

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