This question caught my attention in our support mails.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

Alarm Configuration Template

You can utilize this option, to replicate the threshold and action configured for a single monitor across monitors of similar type. You can navigate to this page from the details page of a monitor. Click here to know the how-to and details of this option.

Note: This functionality will replicate the threshold and actions configured for all the attributes of a monitor across all the monitors of similar type.

Configure Alarms Screen

This option lets you view all the thresholds and actions associated with the attributes of a Monitor and then associate them to all similar monitors.


You can navigate to this screen from the details page of a monitor as well as the top band of the Applications Manager client.

Read more here.


Selecting the option ‘Apply to similar monitors’, will replicate the threshold configured for that attribute to all the monitors of the same type. Move the monitors which you wish to associate from the ‘Available monitors’ list to the ‘Selected Monitors’ list and save the settings.

Self-Assigned Attributes

Apart from the above options, we have some attributes like Response Time, Connection Time and Request per minute for which the threshold gets assigned automatically as soon as the monitors are added.  These are now supported only for selected monitor types such as the application servers, database servers and URL monitors.

We are working, to extend this feature to all our monitor types in our upcoming releases. Stay tuned for the updates.