When Applications Manager is your primary Applications and Systems Performance Monitoring tool, you need to make sure all supplementary views from 3rd party tools or intranet wikis are easily accessible to your operations team when they need it.

When ManageEngine Applications Manager Release 9.1 was out it had many enhancements for custom dashboards. One of which facilitates this.

Below is a screenshot that shows it all. Here we have shown how the “Embed Web Page” widget of “Custom Dashboards” in Applications Manager can integrate a web page from an external source. The example show cased is one that is based on our own Website Monitoring Service – www.site24x7.com.

Custom Dashboard Quality of Service Worldwide

If you observe QoS Worldwide Dashboard shows the status of zoho.com from a global point of presence by pulling data from www.site24x7.com which is a SaaS service. The data obtained from www.site24x7.com is shown right inside ManageEngine Applications Manager Web Client.

Well we have seen other interesting usages by some of our customers. For eg. one of our customers sent us a screenshot that showed how they integrated some views from ManageEngine NetflowAnalyzer !
Other possible uses are :
1) integrate a kbase article for a specific dashboard
2) integrate status of Help Desk tickets from your Ticketing system
3) integrate rack views/ pictures from the data center
4) Ofcourse nothing rocks than your imagination !

The “Bookmarks” widget and “Custom HTML and Text” widgets are useful variations of this embed webpage widget that gives the flexibility to provide useful contextual information in ManageEngine Applications Manager within the dashboard.

If there are other useful widgets you would like to see, do post your comments or vote your idea up, via our community portal.

BTW Release 9.2 is cooking and it should be out anytime this month. No prizes for guessing what’s hottest – Virtualization Monitoring.