Now that you know the need for an integration between OpManager and Applications Manager, let me detail out how to integrate these 2 applications through the Network Connector.

Based on recommendations, you can install OpManager and Applications Manager on the same server or a different one.  You should have purchased the Network Connector Add-On in order to connect these two applications.

Step 1 : Configure OpManager details in Applications Manager Admin Interface : Admin -> Add-On Product Settings, click Add against OpManager.

Enter the servername, portnumber of OpManager application and the username and password to connect.

Step 2 : Once you save the settings, the “Fetch Now” image will be active, as shown in the image below. Click the Fetch Now image to fetch data from OpManager.

Step 3 : Create a New Monitor Group.

Step 4 : Click Associate Monitors.

Step 5 : Select the Network Devices which you want to monitor through Applications Manager. You will find the Network Devices, below the Available Monitors section.

Click Associate to add these devices to the monitor group.

You can find that the Alarms generated against these devices in OpManager will be propogated to the Monitor Group view in Applications Manager.

Network Devices Availability & Health :

Network Devices Alarm Snapshot :

You can click the link against the name of these devices to view their snapshot.

You should try it to know how easy and useful it is.


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