The key is JSON Feeds!

You can integrate Applications Manager’s data in your intranet web page. We provide the Monitor Group and Monitor status in the form of JSON feeds (lightweight computer data interchange format, used as a simple alternative to using XML for asynchronously transmitting structured information between client and server).

To see the monitor group status, you can access this URL

To see the monitor status, you can access this URL


For eg., a Sample file <jsonsample.html> that is used to parse the JSON data, is added to <AppManager_Home>/working/html directory.

Changes to be done in the <jsonsample.html>:

Change the hostname and port in the URL in first line in the sample file to suit your environment.

<script src=”http://< appmanagerhostname>:<port>/”>

If you want to view the monitor group status (Coming through JSON Feed), you can invoke URL –
http://<appmanagerhost>:<port>/html/ jsonsample.html


  1. Gobi


    The Problem in Json feed happened when there was some special character in it . We have fixed this issue now and that will be integrated in our upcoming service pack release. To get a patch in your current version kindly contact along with your Build number .

    Applications Manager Support.

  2. jim

    The jsonsample.html does not work