Few of our customers have a setup like – one DNS name is mapped to multiple physical servers (multiple ip addresses). Say for example, three machines,, have same DNS name “cluster”. When you add one of the servers in Applications Manager, it will resolve the DNS name of the server (cluster) and add it. When you try to add the second server it will not get added.

Dont worry, follow the steps given below to add all three servers 😉

1) Configure local DNS mappings for these servers in the machine where Applications Manager is running.

For linux

Open the /etc/hosts file and add entries for these ipaddresses, as given below.

2) Then restart the Applications Manager.

3) If you have already added the server with dnsname (cluster), then delete the server.

4) Now add the server via ‘New Monitor’ form. While adding, click Advanced and select the add with ipaddress option. Now the server gets added with ipaddress and you can add all the three physical servers.