Active Directory from A to Z!

Now that summer is over, we are delivering a variety of webinars all geared to increase the security, productivity, and overall stability of your Active Directory environment. Please take advantage of one or more of these webinars coming up in …

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The GDPR: Requirements pertaining to data collection

Welcome to part two in a four part blog series about the European Union’s GDPR. In our previous blog, we discussed highlights and FAQ on the GDPR. Now, let’s move on to the GDPR‘s requirements and easy

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Free webinar series: Advance your security and management skills with Derek Melber

Over the next few months, you have the opportunity to attend many free and live webinars presented by MVP Derek Melber. The topics will all be covering key security and management areas that all administrators struggle with today. The webinars …

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Tired of troubleshooting Active Directory?

Every Active Directory administrator around the world has the same issue. There is always someone else who can modify Active Directory! When incorrect changes occur, some issue usually arises from the change. A service fails, a user can not access …

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Good-bye 2015: Final week of year tasks for Active Directory

As administrators, we are the employees that rarely get to take time off work, as someone needs to ensure that the network is up and running. Sure, there is no one in the office, as everyone is taking vacation, but

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Monitor Files and Folders Like Never Before

Over and over, I get the same question from many admins and security professionals regarding the monitoring of files and folders. Although it can be complicated to address, I completely understand the issues, which are related to compliance and overall

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Auditing vs. Monitoring of Active Directory

I just finished a class where I had both auditors and administrators in attendance. It was one of the best groups I have had for that reason. From the class I learned that it is not always “known” what

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IT Security and Auditing Framework – A Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Log Management, Compliance Reporting and SIEM

Corporate islands with no connectivity to the external world and/or employees seeking permission to share company critical information with an outsider are not options that ensure protection from information thefts. Not a day goes …

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