The IT industry recognizes the drastic increase in cyberattacks in the past few years. With cybercriminals constantly evolving their attack tactics, IT security professionals need to improve and upgrade their strategies to stay on top of threats. Given the frequency of cyberattacks, it’s reasonable to assume that your organization already has a security analytics solution or SIEM to prevent and mitigate such threats. But are you certain you are tapping into the full potential of your SIEM solution? If your answer was anything but a resounding “Yes!”, then Getting the best out of your SIEM should be the next e-book you read.

If you’re wondering why you should read this book when there are so many others available, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that covers the vast scope of SIEM and its capabilities as well as this resource. You’ll gain access to key takeaways to improve your organization’s cyberdefense from our interviews with three security specialists. These practitioners candidly share details of their journey in cybersecurity—what got them started in this career, their daily routines, and much more.

To fully capitalize on and receive the best value from your SIEM solution, you should first understand its capabilities. In the e-book Getting the best out of your SIEM, you’ll learn about:

  • The importance of log sourcing, the pros and cons of using agent-based and agentless log collection, and how to gain actionable insights from the collected logs

  • Achieving data-centric and user-centric security by developing relevant use cases, and analyzing the data from the reports generated by your SIEM

  • Using a correlation engine to find patterns, and leveraging behavior analytics to detect anomalies in the activities of users and entities. Discover how to use both to prevent and thwart zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats, and living-off-the-land attacks

  • The different aspects of threat intelligence, and how your SIEM solution can enable you to respond better

  • The six steps to harden your cloud infrastructure security and the benefits of using a CASB-integrated SIEM solution

  • Querying logs for specific events and uncover the three hacks that enhance log forensics efficiency.

  • Popular compliance mandates, benefits of performing risk assessments, and aspects you need to consider to comply with regulatory mandates.

  • The eight steps to configure automated incident responses in your SIEM solution, how to reduce your mean time to respond, and three tricks to sharpen your incident response.

  • Popular cybersecurity frameworks such as ATT&CK and NIST, and how leveraging them helps you fortify your organization’s defense.

  • Tips and insights on cybersecurity strategies, and career insights from our interview of three security specialists.

Excited to learn more?

Download the e-book Getting the best out of your SIEM now to gain implementable insights about effectively utilizing a SIEM solution in your organization. If you are a security analyst contemplating a suitable SIEM solution to tighten your organization’s security posture, you can check out Log360 by signing up for a personalized demo. Thanks for reading, folks!