NetFlow Analyzer: Traffic monitoring in MPLS type of Network is made Easy

Frame Relay network are now being converted to MPLS type of network more rapidly. MPLS type of network helps the Network Administrators to easily manage the Network and MPLS network architecture is simple than traditional Frame Relay or packet switching networks. Monitoring Network traffic through NetFlow export becomes very handy in MPLS type of networks. Consider a network which has below given architecture: Task of an Administrator:- Given task for Administrator is  to monitor internet traffic of Site A, Site B and traffic between Site A and Site B. The Administrator of this network is using NetFlow Analyzer and monitoring all the Site Routers and Internet Router . IP Grouping :- Since, he is alre…

NetFlow Analyzer for ISP’s : Assure fair & accurate billing

Are you an ISP or MSP trying to monitor client’s bandwidth utilization and bill them based on the usage? The solution for your monitoring need would be ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. Why ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer? ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is the only tool which does NetFlow, sFlow , IP FIX, jFlow, AppFlow analysis for bandwidth monitoring and has billing module integrated with it to make ease of billing process. Earlier ISP’s used SNMP based tools to calculate monthly data from customer’s edge router (called as CPE’s) and then manually calculate the bill based on 95th percentile or volume of data used. This manual process was very time consuming and tedious for the Network…

Enhanced Cisco ASA NSEL Reporting in NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow is a Cisco proprietary protocol the primary purpose of which is to collect all IP traffic on and send the traffic as UDP packets to NetFlow collector server(or NetFlow Analyzer). It helps Administrators to analyze network traffic and generate reports on bandwidth usage, traffic volume, conversations etc. It also helps in capacity planning to accommodate future growth. Initially, NetFlow was introduced in major Cisco routers and core switches to analyze traffic. With growing business needs, more vulnerabilities arose due to security threats on the network led to the birth Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances also known as ASA. With the facing off of Cisco PIX, it is now an era of Cisco ASA with more e…

Instant Billing Report in NetFlow Analyzer

During these rough economic times that we are currently going through, every single penny spent on enhancements, upgrades in the network to accommodate future demand is questioned. To make do with the existing resources with cost-cutting in mind is the most ideal solution until the economy recovers. This mindset has a direct implication on every organization and, eventually, every department within it. Capacity planning plays a major role to cut the cost spending on enhancing the network or bandwidth to accommodate growth. The Capacity Planning reports in NetFlow Analyzer’s Professional plus edition will help you to identify bandwidth usage growth and application growth over a period of time and it…

Cisco Nexus 1000 V and NetFlow Traffic monitoring

Apart from other Cisco Physical switches, Cisco Nexus 1000 V is a virtual switch which is custom made for VMware Vsphere environment. The NetFlow export from Cisco 1000V helps in analyzing the traffic between VMware Host and traffic to other part of network from these Hosts. The earlier blog was regarding deployment of Cisco Nexus 1000V on ESX host and this is about configuring 1000V for NetFlow export. Once the Routing, switching, Policing has been done on Cisco Nexus 1000V, the next step is to monitor traffic using NetFlow export. To configure Cisco Nexus 1000V from the scratch, visit the following link. NetFlow Configuration on 1000V: Cisco Nexus 1000 V can be configured to export Flexible NetFlow. The pro…

Cisco WAAS Reporting in NetFlow Analyzer—Part 2

So after adding WAAS to your NetFlow Analyzer, next question is what kind of reports it can generate? This blog helps you to understand various kind of reports available in Cisco WAAS module. Once the Central Manager is added to NetFlow Analyzer, you can see Central Manager related details under Modules –> Cisco WAAS. Central Manager Report:
You can view the reports based on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly using ‘Custom Reports’. The Accelerator Group gives you the list of WAAS Accelerator Engines grouped together for easy identification purposes. You can also view their reduction percentage, status, and a brief description about the group. You can also view the top 10 WAE’s b

Cisco WAAS Reporting in NetFlow Analyzer—Part 1

Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) reduces the cost of bandwidth spending at branch office and increases the IT productivity. It delivers high scalability and Application performance for distributed enterprises. Distributed Enterprises with branch office all over the world face lot of challenges in application delivery and critical data exchange between various locations. In this situation, IT manager who is managing the distributed network faces a lot of pressure to reduce application delivery costs over the WAN while ensuring application availability. The delay/latency of the WAN/Internet link between the data center and the user at the remote site adversely affects the performance…

Sub Application Mapping in NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer with its in depth traffic reports helps Network administrator to analyze their traffic patterns, planning the network, identifying performance bottlenecks etc. In this blog, we will discuss Application traffic monitoring. NetFlow Analyzer 9 with its sub application mapping feature that helps administrator to categorize similar traffic patterns as a single group and view them. Consider a distributed Corporate network which has MSSQL cluster running on it  remote offices. Users from head office and other locations will need to access this database for data entry purposes. The Network Administrator would need to monitor the traffic patterns and network utilization by this en…

Riverbed Device Monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer

Application performance over WAN can be improved by using various technologies like QoS policing, Preventing unwanted traffic imposing ACL, deploying WAN accelerators etc. . WAN accelerators improve the performance of applications on WAN and make them on par with that of LAN. They compress LAN traffic and push it across WAN so as to make optimum usage of bandwidth on WAN link.
Here, we will now discuss Riverbed WAN accelerators and how to monitor them using NetFlow Analyzer. Riverbed solves many network issues some of which are:
1. Poor Performance of Application. 2. Expensive and insufficient Network Bandwidth to Remote offices. 3. Sluggishness in data backup and replication. In lot of network, Riverbe

Understanding TCP based anomalies using NetFlow Analyzer

In our previous blog post we discussed on the Problems classified by Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) in NetFlow Analyzer. Each problem in turn is classified into a number of security events. This blog is about how ASAM identifies each event in the suspect flow category. Already we had detailed discussion on first three events on the suspect flow category in the previous blog. This section is more about TCP based security events, TCP is most reliable protocol to send and receive data between server and client. Since the TCP protocol is reliable, it assures orderly delivery of transmitted data. To understand how this reliable TCP protocol can cause security threats on network, we need to understand f