Frame Relay network are now being converted to MPLS type of network more rapidly. MPLS type of network helps the Network Administrators to easily manage the Network and MPLS network architecture is simple than traditional Frame Relay or packet switching networks.

Monitoring Network traffic through NetFlow export becomes very handy in MPLS type of networks. Consider a network which has below given architecture:

Task of an Administrator:-

Given task for Administrator is  to monitor internet traffic of Site A, Site B and traffic between Site A and Site B. The Administrator of this network is using NetFlow Analyzer and monitoring all the Site Routers and Internet Router .

IP Grouping :-

Since, he is already using ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, the task is made easy. He creates an IP group for Site A and Site B individually with their corresponding IP Network and associates the Internet Router WAN interface for each IP group.

The IP group started collecting data about traffic heading from these sites IP Network to Internet.

Site to Site Monitoring :-

The second task of Administrator , monitoring traffic between Site A and Site B can solved by creating an IP group with Between Sites option and specifying the Site A IP network in from column and Site B IP Network in To Column, then associate any one of the site router interface. The created IP group will show traffic between the sites(A to B).

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    can your ME product support following ?
    MPLS monitoring, MPLS QoS, MPLS Traffic engineering, MPLS VPN, MPLS Monitoring and alert.

    if support, please let me know the price list as well