BYOD management: Adapting to the evolving requirements

Understand BYOD trends and requirements to manage them better.
While the bring your own device (BYOD) trend helps organizations reduces infrastructure costs, only a fraction of those organizations — 16 percent — are fully equipped to support BYOD programs.
Understand the BYOD trends and requirements to manage them better.
That’s one of the many findings revealed in Evolving Requirements for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management,  a new white paper by leading IT research firm EMA and ManageEngine.    Written for IT managers charged with managing mobile devices, the white paper offers valuable advice to anyone struggling to handle the diverse array of devices coming into their company while ensuring business information remains secure.  Evolving Requi

This week’s five: Saving private “moron(s)”

This week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about IT security. “The computer is a moron.” – Peter F. Drucker An eminent thinker, Drucker’s intention wasn’t to undermine the amazing capabilities of computers. He merely underlined the fact that computers don’t make their own decisions—they just follow orders, regardless of who’s giving them. As long as the command syntax is correct, computers do what they are told. And unfortunately, all our advances, including those in IT, depend on these digital morons. No wonder IT is never safe. “There are only two types of companies: Those that have been

This week’s five: The rising tide of IT innovations

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This week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about the risks and challenges involved with IT innovations. Digital transformation has taken many shapes over time. There was a time when installing a room-sized mainframe was the big step for digital transformation. Today, there’s no one big step. Instead, there are several. The cloud could be called a big step. Mobility could be called a big step. Even IoT could be called a big step. All these technologies are like waves. And the rising tide, whether good or bad, always brings something extra along with it. In short, digital transformation doesn’t come without risks and challenges. Compared to the cl

This week’s five: Behind the digital transformation

This week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about some facts and figures on digital transformation. IoT, cognitive computing, cloud, machine learning, wearable tech. Big names, huh! These are the names of technologies you should be acquainted with. There’s a set of interconnected mainframes and devices— whether hardwired, wireless, or virtual– that your business depends upon. It’s called the IT, the nervous system of your business. And these technologies are going to have a huge impact on your IT, and thus your business, whether you like it or not. So, you better be prepared. Digital transformation is buzzing everywh

This week’s five: CIOs – The true business transformers.

This week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about the  chief information officers.   “More and more, every company is becoming a technology company. We CIOs are the leaders and stewards of this new economy.”  – Rob Meilen, CIO, Hunter Douglas Chief information officers. Who do you think they are? They are senior business executives who handle a company’s IT strategy, implementation, and operations. With companies beginning to use multiple and new technologies, the role of a CIO has only become more pronounced. According to a recent survey, in the UK alone, a tech company is born every hour. Such an exponential growth fu

This week’s five: Look beyond guards – Investigate your IT

This Week’s five is a weekly column on five recent reads from all over the web. This week, we’ll talk about IT security. “I get hired by companies to hack into their systems and break into their physical facilities to find security holes. Our success rate is 100%; we’ve always found a hole.” Kevin Mitnick How do you feel when you go back to your workplace after a weekend, switch on your computer, go through your accounts, and find out that nothing bad has happened? Lucky? Well, probably not. It might be just another day at work for you. But, trust me when I say this, you should definitely feel lucky. There are many not-so-lucky ones out there. Anthem wasn’t so lucky when its datab

How can enterprises be mobile-first?

What is mobile-first, and how can enterprises be mobile-first? Enterprises that realize that mobile devices are primary tools for employees to get work done are referred to as mobile-first enterprises. Enterprises are slowly but surely opening up to the idea of their employees using mobile devices for work. A research study by Juniper even suggests that there will be one billion employee-owned devices by 2018. It is imperative that enterprises start preparing their monitoring capabilities to withstand the barrage of mobile devices that will come into their environment over the next few years. While the mobile transition is happening, another transition that enterprises are making is the move to a hybr…

5 advantages of using cloud-based mobile device management

Easy MDM with Cloud
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The cloud is a game changer for the IT industry, optimizing data storage and operations. As Mobile Device Manager Plus embraces the SaaS model with the launch of its cloud edition, here’s a highlight of the top five benefits of a cloud-hosted MDM suite.  #1 Reduced infrastructure expenditure.  The cloud edition of Mobile Device Manager Plus doesn’t require anything more than a good computer with a functional operating system  and a browser. This means you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware or software solutions to run the MDM suite. Small businesses with little  capital investment will find this aspect particularly beneficial. #2 Streamlin

Just bump to enroll devices with Android Near Field Communication (NFC).

Bump gently!
Bulk enrollment of corporate devices has always been a tedious task for mobile device management (MDM) IT administrators. As a silver lining for Android devices, ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus now comes with an innovative method that will make bulk Android device enrollment easier than ever.  This novel feature simplifies the process to a bare minimum of just bumping devices to enroll, which saves both time and effort.  Piqued your curiosity? Read on. What it’s about. This feature is called Android NFC Enrollment. Near Field Communication (NFC) enables data exchange for Android devices within a short range of up to four centimeters. It enables quick file transfers by lightly bumping or pla