Recent cyber breaches and tighter compliance regulations are pushing businesses to invest more heavily in IT security. You and your organization may very well be in the process of assessing your defenses and planning a clear security strategy. If that’s the case, then you’re probably aware of just how complicated it is to evaluate and procure IT security solutions.

Take security information and event management (SIEM) technology for instance. They go by different names—log management tools, auditing products, SIEM solutions—so it can get hard to figure out exactly what a vendor’s offering can do, especially if you are new to security. While SIEM technology initially came about to keep enterprises compliant by monitoring security events and alerts, it initially was only used by large enterprises.

A lot of people are stumped when asked to describe a SIEM solution. I tend to think of SIEM products as something that can answer vital security questions, helping you quickly detect and respond to security incidents. Today, due to the growing emphasis on keeping businesses secure, these kinds of specialized auditing products are even required for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Compliance mandates, which are becoming more prevalent, are placing more stress on detecting and reporting breaches. The addition of ever-increasing regulations makes a SIEM solution a must-have in your security arsenal. And keep in mind that these compliance regulations, like the GDPR, are applicable to organizations irrespective of their size. Security isn’t just for government agencies and big banks anymore.

Now you might be worrying if there are gaps in your security systems. A good (but rather informal) exercise in evaluating your security posture is to check whether your team can answer questions about:

1. Security group membership changes in Active Directory 
2. Accesses and modifications made to confidential data
3. Web server usage
4. Other important security events

Remember, to instantly detect security threats you need to know this kind of information and you need real-time alert notifications. If you can’t answer questions such as these, don’t worry, a SIEM solution can help you get there. With the right portfolio of security tools and trained personnel, you can keep attacks at bay.

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