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How to prioritize your top security alerts for better SIEM

Receiving alerts when a critical event occurs is the first step in responding to a security incident. But as any security expert knows, analyzing log data can get chaotic when you have to sort through the massive volume of events …

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Breaches at OnePlus and National Stores reinforce the importance of PCI compliance 

January saw another round of significant credit card data breaches, one of which was the OnePlus breach that compromised the credit card information of around 40,000 customers. The mobile phone manufacturer experienced a breach on one of its servers, and …

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Ransomware attackers and victims fall victim to ransom theft

Recently, there has been a string of attacks affecting some ransomware victims who pay their ransom in an attempt to regain access to their encrypted data. These ransom payments are being intercepted by a third party, ironcally turning the ransomware …

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Gartner positions ManageEngine in Magic Quadrant for SIEM, again

Two in a row and much more to go! For the last two years, ManageEngine has been recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SIEM and Critical Capabilities for SIEM reports.

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Let’s talk about STIX, TAXII, and threat intelligence

In terms of collaboration, Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX) and Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information (TAXII) represent a revolution in the security industry. These protocols transformed the field of threat intelligence from a fragmented collection of information to a …

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How to comply with the GDPR if you’re already ISO 27001-compliant

Most GDPR articles outline the methods you must employ to ensure compliance while collecting personal data from EU citizens. The security requirements for protecting and processing personal data are outlined in the latter part of the GDPR, whereas the major …

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Webinar: How to manage access to personal data under the GDPR

One of the GDPR’s most important security requirements is that organizations must deploy technical measures to track who accesses personal data. If your organization is gearing up for the GDPR, be sure to verify that the permissions to access and …

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How ISO 27001 helps you comply with the GDPR

ISO 27001 is a set of information security best practices designed to help organizations ensure all confidential data and critical resources in their network are secure. It brings three major components together—people, processes, and technology—to identify and reduce security risks. …

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Our new privileged identity management suite is now available!

Yes! We just launched our new privileged identity management (PIM) suite, an enterprise-grade, all-inclusive solution that enables IT admins to discover, store, control, and monitor all privileged identities from a single, unified platform. Before we tell you more about …

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How SIEM can help with auditing and compliance

Recent cyber breaches and tighter compliance regulations are pushing businesses to invest more heavily in IT security. You and your organization may very well be in the process of assessing your defenses and planning a clear security strategy. If that’s …

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