It is OK to read this post even if you have purchased ServiceDesk Plus already. It will give you a lot of re-assurance.

If you are just getting started with evaluation of help desk software the following might come in handy.

[What you must look out for in a help desk software – Jason Powell ]

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[The helpdesk software check list ]

If you are seriously evaluating all the help desk software out there and if last two contenders on your list of help desk software are ServiceDesk Plus and Track-IT. The last thing you should do is listen to my advice :-)….for that matter any advice from Track-IT employee. Yes. I work for ServiceDesk Plus and I will tell ServiceDesk Plus is the best. honestly 🙂

The best people to get advice from would be IT managers, Help desk administrators and technicians who have been in your exact point you are standing and have taken a decision.

They can give an independent unbiased opinion because they don’t care if it is ServiceDesk Plus or Track-IT. They care If

the help desk software is complete with all the features

Support is responsive and has quick turn around time to solve problems

License and maintenance cost is economical

It is intuitive and easy to use

——————————-Here is what they feel—————————–

Disclaimer: These are independent opinions and remarks expressed by users. AdventNet does not influence any remarks and is Not in anyway accountable for individual opinions. In simple words “It was what they feel, don’t ask me if you find anything bad. I’m just giving you pointers”.

Jason’s View

If you’ve been following this blog you know that last December we finally gave up searching for the ultimate helpdesk solution and went with Track-IT. And you may recall my frustration at it’s lack of email thread capture which we’ve determined is a must have.So we’ve been keeping our eyes and ears peeled for a good replacement for Track-IT … tonight I think we may have found it!- ManageEngine Service Desk Plus…………Cost for the full blown is based on # of techs … $495/yr for 2 techs … $995/yr for 5 techs … etc. For comparison based on 5 techs, we could get about 5 years of ServiceDeskPlus for 1year of Track-IT . ……

……We’ll get the trial installed and put it through it’s paces … I’m optimistic given what I’ve seen so far that this will be our new helpdesk solution ..

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More Track-IT users


We have recently switched from TI6 to SD and are more than happy with the product.

The last version of TI we used was 6 and that was enough, expensive, problems and the STD version was very inefficient and slow.SD is growing and developing, there are a few things that we would like added and the team have responded on these. Reporting is lacking, I understand that this is under review, however we use Business Objects for reporting now which gives us all the flexibility we need.

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Tested product and seems to work great. Still setting up the help desk process, but as for getting asset information on desktops & servers, it works exactly as advertised. No client intstalls, no agents. As long as WMI is in working order, you get an accurate software inventory. Compared to Track-IT’s bungling of inventory management, it’s hands down the winner.That is the only sw, I can compare it to because I’ve used track-it for about 2years.

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We had to build an automated data migration tool to move Track-It users’ data to ServiceDesk Plus ………… so now you know how many of them are migrating 🙂