ServiceDesk Plus Jamin’ Jamaica

ServiceDesk Plus | December 6, 2006 | 2 min read

This is the first time a whole month has just whizzed past me, just like that whizzzzz

We had a great ServiceDesk Plus training session in Jamaica for Digicel, the largest Mobile company in the Caribbean. I worked closely with Natalya Hall, Help Desk Manager at Digicel. Natalya faces the challenge of implementing a proactive help desk for the aggressively expanding Digicel.

One key learning from Natalya, Digicel:


A lot of support calls related to MSN Messenger, Google earth, and other unauthorized software draining out IT support staff’s productive time

Solution: Have clear policies about software you are planning to support

Natalya had clearly Classified Software using ServiceDesk Plus as Managed, Excluded and Prohibited

– Managed – All the software that you pay for Eg: MS office, Oracle, Crystal Reports

– Excluded: All the free software that you dont mind being there Eg: Acrobat Reader, Google toolbar,

– Prohibited: All the software you dont want in your office 🙂

Define clear policies on software you are planning to support and have your executives agree on this. Post this on your intranet.

Remove Prohibited Software – Put Your Foot Down


Define clear policies that state: The Office Computer is not your personal computer. Explicitly state that, it is against the company laws to have prohibited software such as Kazaa, Limewire, Games. Make a detailed list of software software that drain bandwidth and reduce productivity.

Allow Excluded Software : With No Support


Privilege not a Right

It is OK for your users to have Google Earth, MSN Messenger as long as they don’t call you for support. Make it very clear that “It is a privilege not a Right “

Channelize your IT staff’s productivity towards software that you support not all that users install on their machine. Yeh Mon, 🙂 Only clearly stated policies will help you get there.

Natalya Hall, Help Desk Manager, Digicel

Note: Jamaica is really beautiful place with awesome beaches. People are really friendly and cool. Parties in Jamaica start at 12 midnight, the music touches everyone and the dance….is….you have to experience it.. Mon.

Get a ticket to Jamaica, I bet you will have a roaring time.