– Are your IT Help Desk Staff informed on the latest developments in the industry

– Are your new support staff guided on an continous learning path

– Do you know what are your team’s key strength and weakness?

More than just questions, these are concerns that IT Managers & Help Desk Administrators need to address constantly.

Here is an Instant Fix: Ask them to take a test…periodically !!!

Yes, that is the best way to keep yourself updated with latest developments and know your team’s strength and weakness better.

Here is a sample test (online test, no downloads)

Weekly Knowledge Update Test

Try this out and figure out if taking such periodic tests will help

– New hires / staff / colleagues gain knowledge

– Your team understand areas of strength and weakness

– Educate your team with “Did you know questions”

Free free to try out our Online test ZohoChallenge

If you are interested, here’s what you need to do.

– Prepare a list of questions for your staff / new hire / team

– Create a free account in Zoho Challenge (online test environment)

– We can provide you with FREE LICENSE of Zoho Challenge to test upto 100 candidates!!

If you have the questions, I can help you get it into the online testing system.

All participants are going to walk away with a FREE edition (access) of Zoho Challenge.

Hello Class, It is time for a small test