After our localized release of SDP, the first ones to hit us (with lot of mails and posts) were our Italian Prospects (fans) saying “You should have done an Italian version too”.

From the comments to my previous blog to the really touching mail from Nicola Violetta, it clear that we have to move the Italian version to the top the list.

——————-Mail from Nicola ———————————————–

I’m still searching an (italian) helpdesk software good as yours, but it seems nobody offers all those features with that great web user interface as you do, so we are now thinking of buying your product and force users to learn enough english to complete a request web form…but then I’ve to ask you something, first it will be possible to pass to the italian version of ServiceDeskPlus when will be ready at no charge? and, second, if you have an idea about when this italian version will be available.

thank you

Nicola Violetta

IZS dell’Umbria e delle Marche


Just before we get started on the “Italian Job”, we have Brazilian Portuguese next on the list. Now, you have been informed if you are desperately waiting for your local language version to come out first – Hit me with comments or mails or forum posts

P.S: I am not asking you to flatter us with mails, just let us know your interest levels in implementing ServiceDesk Plus in your local language