…Japanese, and Chinese.

Yes, we have released ServiceDesk Plus in 7 languages..


more language support is going to follow.

Now you can extend the ServiceDesk Plus experience to your local users. Before you start taking it for a ride, there are two important points to note

– There is only one download file for all editions and all languages

– The installation procedure remains the same

Get ServiceDesk Plus in your local language (I mean one of the 7 supported languages 😀 )

Download the exe or the bin and install it, the installation screens will be in English(I repeat- will be.. in English). Complete the ServiceDesk Plus installation and start the ServiceDesk Plus client or point your browser to http://localhost:8080. ServiceDesk Plus screens will be displayed in your browser default language. Say, if your browser default language is Spanish, ServiceDesk Plus screens will be displayed in Spanish.

To change ServiceDesk Plus display language select the Personalize link on top of the screen and choose from the listed languages