Where is the Upgrade Pack?

ServiceDesk Plus | December 19, 2005 | 1 min read

We feel your pain, as most you feel let down because the product release was delayed earlier and now the Upgrade Pack simply seems slipping dates again.

Two questions have been haunting us

– Why do you promise a release date and then why do you fail to meet that?

– What exactly are you doing now?

Here it is- the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…..

The Mysterious Release Date is a target that we set to ourselves, assuming a few parameters. After development the product is rolled out to the production testbed. In the test bed all the team members switch roles as customers. The product is tested from a customer’s perspective and all sorts of issues(performance, usability,..etc) are raised.

Whoops, the parameters we defined earlier goes crazy so does the release date.

After this, we switch back to our ownership roles and start fixing things that would matter most to customers. This helps us to filter out most of the critical problems you might face in production.

As you are directly interacting with the team, sometimes we tend to share the target date we are working towards. Often the target dates are stretched to ensure problem free release, exactly what happened now

Please hang in there, as you have a committed team surviving on Caffeine, delivered Pizzas, and office snacks.

btw, as I type this, the Upgrade Pack is getting ready to be released today !!!!!