Link your Network Monitoring tools from each client’s network with ServiceDesk Plus – MSP and create a work flow to resolve your network issues as a Service Provider.The network management tools monitors each of your clients network performances,traps,availability,alarms and traffic.

Things such as…

  • Is the disk spinning too slow  – Traps
  • Is the cpu usage too high – Performance
  • Has my server just died? – Availability
  • Is my web server ports occupied – Traffic

Network monitoring is usually performed by dedicated network / hardware scanning software such as Kaseya, Zenith, N-able ,and the like.

A common feature in this type of monitoring software is its ability to send an email when a error occurs in your client’s  network. Therefore, when you have some dedicated monitoring software scanning all of your mission critical devices for operational thresholds and alarms configure it to send an email as part of the error condition. Then ServiceDesk Plus- MSP converts those emails into helpdesk tickets respective to the accounts. From there you can use the integration workflow and service level agreement management capabilities configured according to each account to ensure that the incident receives timely response and resolution.

So in tech terms, you use your Monitoring software to send mail and manage your ticket with a sophisticated helpdesk tool to provide quality services.Easy!