Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for March 2019

Zero-day vulnerabilities patched in this month's Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has just released its March installment of Patch Tuesday updates to address 66 vulnerabilities in its applications. Of these 66 vulnerabilities, two are currently being exploited in the wild, 17 are critical, 45 are important, one is moderate, and …

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The what, why, and how of unified endpoint management


Unified endpoint management by IT admin

IT management has become a department that exists in every business ecosystem, irrespective of verticals. Those who are responsible for taking care of IT management need to work around the clock to secure and maintain servers, computers, smartphones, tablets, …

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Desktop Central’s comprehensive approach to software deployment

If you’re experiencing sky-high levels of stress while deploying commercial and non-commerical software to your network computers, Desktop Central is the antidote to all your problems. Desktop Central, our endpoint management solution, makes it easy to deploy software to multiple …

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Here comes the California Consumer Privacy Act, an echo of the GDPR


As companies across the world rush to become compliant with the GDPR, many have failed to notice that California will set its own data and privacy protection requirements by January 1, 2020. California governor Jerry Brown signed CA Assembly Bill …

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Browser vulnerabilities: Securing against the inevitable

Web browsers have revolutionized the way we use the internet. They’ve escalated employee productivity, but have also opened up organizations to a plethora of security loopholes. Browsers are the easiest point of entry for hackers to exploit a system because …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for February 2019

Microsoft has just released this month’s security updates for its products. Before getting on with the list of applications that got fixes this Patch Tuesday, here are the patch figures: 76 vulnerabilities were addressed of which 20 are rated critical, …

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Six steps for startups to find and implement an effective cybersecurity solution

Establishing a startup isn’t easy; founders often spend a good majority of their time mapping out finances, operations, raw materials, product development, solid marketing and sales procedures, as well as hiring skilled employees during their initial years. Besides this, they …

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Introducing Custom Fields in Desktop Central


We’re constantly amazed by all the creative ways our users adapt the features of Desktop Central. However, we know that one-size-fits-all software just can’t address your needs as closely as software that was made for you. So, we stepped up …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for January 2019

Patch Tuesday updates have generally been equated with just Microsoft updates for a long time. However, there is another major player that addresses vulnerabilities in its products around the same time as Microsoft: Adobe. This Patch Tuesday, Adobe stole the …

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