You’re right in the middle of drafting an important email when you see it: a pesky pop-up asking you to update your software. Such updates always seem to happen at the most inopportune times, and more often than not, you end up postponing the update. Undoubtedly, it’s the most convenient thing to do; however, we often don’t realize the danger this procrastination can create.

How crucial are the software updates we ignore?

Software updates keep you safe from known vulnerabilities while squashing bugs and providing you with a better user experience. When software updates are released, the vulnerabilities they address become public knowledge, making your application all the more susceptible, as cybercriminals can grasp this opportunity to exploit your endpoints. So, it’s vital that end users keep their software updated.

Here’s how Desktop Central can help:

Desktop Central supports over 1,000 Windows templates. A template is a predefined format used to create software packages. When you create packages using templates, the software binary will be automatically downloaded from the vendor’s website.

For instance, let’s say you want to install Google Chrome on all your computers. Using Google Chrome template, you can create a package that contains the installable for Google Chrome. You can deploy this package to all your computers simultaneously by scheduling the installation and defining the targets.

The best part is that these Windows templates can be updated automatically when the latest versions are released. For every template update, a package will be created automatically. All you have to do is schedule the installation, define the targets, and deploy the package.

A few applications might be user-specific, and the user might need them for a stipulated time period. As a hands-off administrator, you want to empower your users to install and uninstall software at their convenience. In such cases, updates will be reflected in the end user’s self-service portal, where the latest version can be installed.

Desktop Central lets you automate package creation using templates, and now, template updates can be automated as well. Desktop Central has loads of other features that come in handy. Experience 30 free days of unparalleled unified endpoint management.