Upgrading an OS before the end of 2019: Convenience or compromise?

Desktop management is a continuous and never-ending process, especially for monitoring potential security issues. IT administrators need to constantly safeguard network devices and update endpoints to prevent vulnerabilities. The need for efficient desktop management to thwart attacks against OSs has …

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Effortlessly updating BIOS and patching drivers using Desktop Central

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for hardware failure is neglecting to update drivers and BIOS? If you don’t update your drivers, not only are you risking hardware failure, but you’re also missing out on …

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The life of a sysadmin: Encircled by excessive tools

It’s 3am, and you’re woken up by frantic calls and messages from users at your company—this is the everyday life of a sysadmin. Constantly surrounded by numerous tickets and persistent users who require immediate solutions, the life of a sysadmin …

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The Joker’s in town. Time to secure your Android devices

Joker spyware

Security experts from Google have discovered a new spyware in 24 Play Store apps that, combined, have more than 472,000 downloads. Researchers have stated that this spyware also has the capabilities of normal malware and appears to have infected certain …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday September 2019: 79 vulnerabilities fixed

No matter how prepared you are, Patch Tuesday never fails to throw in a surprise.

All supported versions of Windows are affected by two privilege escalation vulnerabilities that have already been exploited in the wild, CVE-2019-1214 and CVE-2019-1215. Since …

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The role of antivirus software in enterprise IT security

IT admins frequently grapple with serious issues faced by their enterprise. They often have to make crucial business decisions, such as choosing the right antivirus software to defend their systems. However, with evolved computers and advanced software and hardware available …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday June 2019: 88 vulnerabilities to fix, but how?

Every Patch Tuesday is a nightmare for IT admins, loading them with a bundle of updates, leaving them no respite for the rest of the week. This June Patch Tuesday is no exception, with a huge amount of patches released …

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The GDPR: It’s been a year, did it make a difference?

One year of the GDPR

Businesses are comprised of different departments and professionals, with data flowing across the organization. When there’s a data breach, it’s usually the data protection officers (DPOs), CIOs, and CISOs who take the brunt of the blame; however, since the introduction …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for May 2019

Microsoft today released its May 2019 software updates to address a total of 79 vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and other products. Of these latest updates, 18 are rated critical. This month’s Patch Tuesday from Microsoft also addresses two …

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