Revamp your backup strategy and redefine data security this World Backup Day!

Did you know that March 31 is World Backup Day? Who knew data backup was important enough to get its own day?

I didn’t until recently, which may be the case for you as well, but that’s okay. It is …

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Are you ready for Windows 11?

Windows11 trojan

Windows 11 is coming. Ever since its release in October 2021, users have been checking for updates, eagerly waiting to upgrade. Microsoft’s requirements are stricter than usual, and thus the feature rollout is coming in episodes. Existing Windows 10 users …

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7 types of cyberthreats plaguing the healthcare industry

Heathcare IT cyberattacks

Ideally, healthcare would be the last industry to be targeted by hackers and cyberattackers—surely no one would want to cripple critical hospital infrastructure and play around with lives. However, the healthcare industry continues to be the most affected in terms …

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What the sysadmin misses, Desktop Central catches!

Most people are fairly good at reading, but not enough are good at reading between the lines. More often than not, there are certain things hidden in plain sight that may not catch your attention.

 The eyes of a system …

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Massive ransomware attacks of 2021 and how to avoid them

Ransomware attacks

2021 brought a new wave of cyberattacks that proved to be detrimental to the era of digitization. With more and more industries embracing work from home and treading into the digital world, an increase in network vulnerabilities is inevitable; however, …

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Why you need two-factor authentication more than ever


Passwords have been the long-time guardian of our personal lives and data ever since the dawn of the internet. Though passwords might still retain most of their relevance, they are not robust enough to protect today’s digital economy.

Passwords are

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Looking back: Analyst recognitions in 2021

The year 2021 started off with organizations slowly reopening their doors and welcoming back their employees. This couldn’t happen overnight, of course. It meant devising new IT strategies to accommodate a hybrid workforce. Ensuring the organization’s business continuity is crucial …

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7 features key to a unified and proactive endpoint security solution

endpoint security

This year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month has come to an end and, with every passing year, cyberthreats are increasing in number and complexity. Reactive solutions are no longer enough to confront cyberattacks. Organizations must implement proactive strategies to secure their IT …

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WWDC21 update: macOS 12 Monterey is here with features that can simplify your life as an admin


The iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS 15 updates released last month provided some noteworthy improvements to security and privacy while introducing new features. macOS 12 Monterey, which released on October 25, is also following a similar trend. Let’s take a …

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