Remember the captivating stories you heard growing up? Though we may have graduated to books and then podcasts, the power of storytelling remains. There’s something timeless about the art of storytelling. That’s the spirit behind Endpoint Pulse, your one-stop podcast for all things endpoint management and security.

We embarked on this journey in October 2023, and after months of hard work, we released our first episode in January 2024. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to bringing you insightful episodes regularly.

Endpoint management and security are often underestimated. Many believe that a basic antivirus solution or minimal security measures are enough. However, endpoint management encompasses much more than that, and this is precisely what we aim to highlight. In our episodes, we have the privilege of interviewing tech consultants from around the world. We go beyond the basic antivirus approach by showcasing their experiences, real-life use cases, and instances where endpoint management tools, like Endpoint Central, saved the day.

During our global interviews, we also have the pleasure of meeting some incredible women who are part of our partner teams. While they may be few in number, they are a force to be reckoned with. These women serve as marketing leads or technical account managers, and each year, they are celebrated by their teams. This year, we want to go a step further and share their stories with the world.

As part of our tech podcast, we are launching a “Women in Tech” series where we will interview these amazing women who have overcome numerous challenges to shine in the field of technology.

If you’re someone who enjoys listening to endpoint management discussions on the go, then Endpoint Pulse is the podcast for you.

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