Halloween is perhaps the one night of the year where ghosts and ghouls roam freely on the streets. In reality, these are all just harmless children in costume; however, as you enter Halloween Cyber Street, you’ll come to find there are real threats lying in wait for an opportunity to strike.

On Halloween Cyber Street, there are eight houses, each providing a webinar offering solutions on how you can protect yourself against different cyberthreats.

House of ransomware:

The what, why, and how of ransomware—in this house, you’ll learn everything you need to know about file-encrypting malware.

House of browser-based attacks:

Browsers are the doorway to the cyberworld. They’re also a major entry point for cyberthreats. This house will provide a detailed view on man-in-the-browser, drive-by, brute-force, and many more browser-based attack types.

House of mobile threats:

Mobile devices are far more susceptible to malware than computers. This house will disclose details on how to protect yourself against mobile threats with deep insights on Android malware and iOS threats.

House of phishing attacks:

Phishing attacks bait victims into clicking malicious links in an attempt to steal sensitive user data. Spear and whale phishing attacks will be discussed in detail in this house.

House of SQL injection and XSS:

Be it stealing critical data from a database using SQL injection or redirecting users to websites where attackers can steal end-user data using XSS, the horror continues. This house offers details about the power of scripts and websites.

House of DDoS attacks:

At this house, you’ll learn about the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, which is a malicious attempt to disrupt normal server traffic by overloading the server with a flood of traffic.

House of zero-day attacks:

Zero-day attacks are attacks targeting a vulnerability that has yet to be patched. In this house, you’ll learn about the importance of hygienic patching procedures.

House of finale:

Finally, the ultimate stand against cyberattacks will be revealed in this house. Here, you’ll find your marauders map to safely escort you through the cyberthreat-filled landscape of IT.

At each house, our cybersecurity experts await with insights on how to keep the threat of cyberattacks at bay. Register for our Halloween webinars to earn unique treats, and take home the ultimate guide to cybersecurity.

Cybercriminals are some nasty devils. But you can learn the skills you need to fight them off. Check out Halloween Cyber Street to trick-or-treat for cyber awareness.

Happy Halloween, folks!

Nisha Balajee
Content Writer