Organizations have long been upgrading their digitization game, and more rigorously so ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. With novel technologies like DevOps, robotic process automation, hybrid and multi-cloud frameworks introduced into the IT infrastructure, the number of privileged access pathways within the corporate network has rapidly grown as these applications need to constantly interact with various mission-critical assets for their operations.

Today, this has created a situation where the scope of privileged access is no longer constrained to the resources within network like servers, databases, and network devices, but spread over a larger threatscape of cloud environments, DevOps tools, containers, big data projects, and more. This expansion of the IT ecosystem demands that organizations widen the scope of their privileged access management strategy beyond just securing privileged accounts.

With 80% of security breaches today involving some form of privileged credential abuse, organizations need to build an all-inclusive privileged access management (PAM) strategy that addresses both core PAM requirements and the evolving needs for tight integration with other moving parts of the modern IT infrastructure.¬†PAM360, ManageEngine’s privileged access management solution, incorporates a 360-degree approach to privileged access security to effectively monitor, control, and govern all types of privileged access, empowering organizations to build and deploy a comprehensive PAM solution that aligns with their their current and future needs.

Tune in to our webinar,¬†Evolution of privileged access management: Serving modern enterprises’ expanding use cases, featuring ManageEngine Product Expert Praveen Kumar and Forrester Senior Analyst Sean Ryan to learn how to build a holistic program to cater to the evolving PAM use cases of the modern organization. Key topics of the discussion include:

  • The increase in the number and types of PAM users and use cases.

  • The dynamic and agile nature of managing privileged access.

  • Cloud-based PAM services gaining attention from the growing popularity of SaaS-based delivery.

  • Strategies to acknowledge emerging PAM use cases.

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