We are delighted to announce that ManageEngine PAM360 will now utilize Zoho Flow’s extensive product gallery to automate privileged access security workflows for more than 850 business applications and enterprise IT management tools.

What is Zoho Flow?

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that lets you create customizable workflows between multiple different kinds of applications without writing any code. At this moment, Zoho Flow offers a wide variety of business applications ranging from team collaboration and analytics to HR tools and product management. Some examples include Microsoft Teams, Slack, People HR, and Salesforce. It also boasts a strong portfolio for enterprise IT management tools, such as ITSM and ITOM, with solutions like ServiceNow, Jira, SolarWinds, and Site24x7.

What does this partnership mean?

PAM360 can now be accessed from Zoho Flow’s nearly inexhaustible app gallery to integrate with your critical business workflows at multiple levels for various tasks.

These tasks will enable automatic execution of actionable features within PAM360’s interface using reserved RESTful APIs.

These actions include:

  1. ‌Create a new user

  1. Add a user to a user group

  1. Lock a user

  1. Unlock a user

  1. Fetch all users

  1. Fetch all user groups

  1. Fetch resource group

  1. Fetch account

  1. Sharing resource groups to user(s)

  1. Sharing resource groups to user group(s)

  1. Sharing resource to user(s)

  1. Sharing resource to user group(s)

  1. Sharing of account(s) to user(s)

  1. Sharing of account(s) to user group(s)

What’s in it for you?

With PAM360 being added to Zoho Flow, you can now automate the above-listed PAM360 internal UI actions to be triggered for any possibility with other apps in Zoho Flow.

Let’s look at a use case:

Providing ephemeral access to third-party vendors

For example, let’s assume there is a third-party vendor that requires temporary access to your PAM console to perform server maintenance. If an enterprise uses Zoho People to manage its HR, since Zoho People is also part of the Zoho Flow gallery, the organization can now initiate automated workflows involving Zoho People and ManagEngine PAM360.

That means if a third-party user is added to the enterprise’s HR tool as a contractual user, Zoho Flow can now mandate automatic addition of that particular temporary user within PAM360. This can also be replicated with other HR tools present in Zoho Flow, such as Calamari, Jazz HR, Smart HR, or Teamwave.

Once the third-party user is introduced to PAM360 after being added to Zoho People, you can now trigger another action to be automated in Zoho Flow, such as sharing a resource or resource group stored in PAM360 with said user. Once the resource is shared, you can also define the amount of time they have access to the resource for.

Now, once the set time elapses the resources can be revoked and the user can be locked to ensure zero standing privileges. Thanks to Zoho Flow, this action can also be automated as a part of the same workflow. This makes ephemeral access possible within PAM360.

The autonomy and customizability that this partnership offers will only grow in the coming days as more apps get added to Zoho Flow’s app gallery. We believe that introducing this capability will save hours of manual intervention for our customers. Overall, this feature will help organizations streamline privileged access security enterprise-wide and enhance the user experience by letting them prioritize time for mission-critical tasks.

We are looking forward to seeing the customizable functionalities that our customers come up with.

Learn more about the Zoho Flow integration here.

Other new functionalities

We are pleased to announce a user-friendly login option in PAM360: Smart Login through QR codes. This functionality simplifies accessing PAM360 by scanning a QR code visible on the PAM360 webpage using the PAM360 mobile app (accessible via Settings > Smart Login). This streamlined login approach, based on passwordless authentication, drastically reduces login complexity while upholding security.