ISO/IEC 20000 certification: What it is, why your organization needs it, and how to get it

One of the most important things that customers consider while purchasing a product or service is its credibility. A label that states the product has been tested, analyzed, and certified by an international regulatory body reassures a customer’s purchase decision.…

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How to overcome network challenges while working remotely [Webinar]


COVID-19 has had a ripple effect on organizations, forcing them to accommodate a home-based workforce. Even organizations that had already maintained a robust remote work structure before the crisis are finding it difficult to deal with this transition. Though …

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Patch Tuesday April 2020 comes with fixes for 4 zero-days and 15 critical vulnerabilities

The second Tuesday of the month is upon us, and this translates to only one thing in the world of IT security: Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has released fixes to address 113 vulnerabilities, with 15 of them being Critical. With most …

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Remote work: Being productive in a pandemic

Remote-work-for-enterpriseWith coronavirus (COVID-19) wreaking havoc across the globe, its disastrous effects are felt in the IT world, too. The lack of a complete work environment, as well as communication issues in development and production, will likely cause a total slowdown …

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Our award-winning IAM and insider threat prevention solutions highlighted at RSA Conference 2020

ManageEngine brought home its first set of accolades for 2020: two InfoSec Awards presented by Cyber Defense Magazine at RSA Conference 2020. Amidst the over 3,000 cyberdefense innovators that were assessed by Cyber Defense Magazine for its 2020 InfoSec Awards, …

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2019 at a glance: Looking back on a journey of transformation

Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

 As another decade draws to a close, we at ManageEngine, started to reminisce …

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Five worthy reads: The privacy implications of AI

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we explore the relationship between AI and data privacy.

From smart devices and voice assistants to mediating traffic and …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday December 2019 fixes 36 vulnerabilities

The final Patch Tuesday of the year is here. Just a week or two of wrestling around with updates, and then all you sysadmins out there can enjoy the holiday season assured of a job well done. For those of …

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November’s Patch Tuesday comes with fixes for 74 vulnerabilities

For system admins who’ve been in their trade for a while, Patch Tuesday and the endless patching and updating that follows is something you’re likely familiar with. For those of you new to the trade, here’s a quick introduction.


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