Wouldn’t life be easier, if there were an app that could simply take care of your IT help desk requests on your command? Yes your wish is granted, introducing first of a kind, Voice -driven ServiceDesk Plus Mobile App. ServiceDesk Plus mobile app just listens to what you say, understands what actions you want it to perform and delivers it accordingly. It is built with Nuance Dragon technology, which has the capability to listen and handle the tickets On–the-go.

More details:
1.Reduces help desk response time by executing commands just by speaking.
2.Built over Nuance Dragon technology.
3.Not just speech to text features has intelligence to perform actions over commands.
4.Enables to multitask and work on the go.
5.First of a kind app in the IT Help Desk segment.

Check the promo video of the app below.

With the new Voice driven Mobile App, you can execute commands and perform voice-to-text data entry, enabling users to:

  • Dictate tickets
  • Edit tickets
  • Reply to tickets
  • Assign/reassign
  • Close tickets

For example if you say, “read my pending requests” it will read all the tickets that are listed in the queue. It also performs actions over your commands like closing tickets, editing, deleting and so on. It is completely a free app, so what are you waiting for download now and start working On-the-go.

Arvind Parthiban