The DNS is the most critical part of network infrastructure and the only doorway to the internet. We at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp, understand this criticality well and have carefully designed software that helps IT infrastructure management professionals securely manage their domains’ DNS records and elude modern problems in DNS management.

We’re excited to introduce ManageEngine CloudDNS, the first critical infrastructure management software in our portfolio.

 Why did we build ManageEngine CloudDNS?

ManageEngine’s IT infrastructure management and monitoring products have been on the market for a couple of decades and have proven to be stable, reliable, trustworthy, and valuable. At ManageEngine, we believe customer satisfaction is the key to business success. We have put forth a lot of effort to keep in constant touch with our customers through webinars, user conferences, trade shows, and support calls so we can understand and cater to all their technical needs.

Through this persistent interaction with customers, we learned about the problems they have in dealing with DNS management, updating records, and handling failures. We decided to prioritize this by designing a product to help solve all major DNS infrastructure management problems.

What ManageEngine CloudDNS offers

Here’s a sneak peek of the features and functionalities of ManageEngine CloudDNS and how they help ease DNS management.

  • GeoDNS: Facilitate client-location-based optimized latency routing for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).
  • IP filtering: Enable IP subnet-based routing to achieve better latency and security.
  • ASN filtering: Control routing to specific network groups with Autonomous System Number-based closest routing. 
  • Monitoring: Receive notifications for record failures with integrated monitoring checks. 
  • Failure handling: Minimize downtime with integrated monitoring and backup records.
  • Global Anycast network: Make use of our DNS name servers available in all vantage points across the globe.
  • Redundant NS: Ensure high availability and performance with multiple redundant name servers across the globe on our Anycast network.
  • Audit: Continuously evaluate the overall security posture of your domains using security audit logs to track the who, what, and when with respect to DNS management and record updates.
  • Versioning: Store 10 previous versions of your zone files.
  • Import and export: Import and export zone files as JSON and BIND.
  • Migration: Migrate from major providers like Cloudflare, Google CloudDNS, AWS Route53, and Microsoft Azure in a single click.
  • Zone transfers: Easily replicate DNS data across DNS servers using AXFR protocol.
  • Alerting: Receive notifications about record failures, record changes, and down alerts.
  • Query analytics: Gain real-time visibility into DNS traffic spread and marketing-friendly data.
  • DNSSEC: Preserve the integrity of your domain responses with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protocol.
  • API: Access user and developer-friendly APIs for automation.
  • Premium support: Get free premium support available with all the subscription plans.
  • Value added pricing: Enjoy a rich set of features that’s worth every penny.

With ManageEngine CloudDNS, empower your business to prioritize optimal domain performance by shedding the overwhelming weight of hosting your own DNS server to manage your digital assets. Sign up for a 30-day, free trial of ManageEngine CloudDNS and get introduced to easy DNS infrastructure management. Stay tuned for more updates!